The Designlizard...

what is this lizard thing all about?


Since a large part of my projects consists of comic and character design work, I found it appropriate to create a mascot for myself.


Not wanting to depict a caricature of myself only, I decided to create a lizard alter ego

to feed my personal lizard-mania.

And because "Designeidechse" sounds a bit strange in German, it became the Designlizard was created.


Now, if you are wondering how a cold-blooded reptile can meet your deadlines,

just keep in mind how lightning-fast a lizard can move!

Of course I won't claim to work at the lightning speed of running lizard and make mistakes because of that speed, but my working "temperature" is definitely not dependent from sunshine and, furthermore, unlike a real lizard, available for your projects at full power



To become a bit more serious now, let me present to you a brief CV:


Upon having graduated from my 3-year-study at Art Academy for Graphic and Design

in Munich, I worked for an animation studio where I learned classical animation from

two Disney artists.


After the completing of this production, I freelanced for various agencies where I could improve my knowledge about commercial illustrations, character design and logo development.


During three exciting years at ZackDesign Munich as a Junior Art Director, I worked in licensing-design, concept development for style-guide artwork and illustrations for many types of styles until the little company merged to the media family of ProSieben Media AG, one of Germany's largest private TV companies.

My time there was spent as an Art Director, responsible for storyboarding, licensing and merchandising illustration- and art, character design, commercials and style-guides as well as product design.


Since 1999, I have been working freelance from my Munich-based office as a designer

for various clients and projects. 


Areas of Expertise:


- Storyboarding

- Merchandising Art

- Concept Art / Merchandising Design

- Character Design

- Concept Art

- Product Design

- Animation

- Layouts

- Moodboards

- Style-Guide-Design

- Comics / Cartoons

- Book Illustrations

- Commercial Illustrations

- Quick Illustrations for Presentations and Meetings

- General Design and Graphic